Welcome to iwys! We are a sandbox rp site that also aims to integrate rp & resource community for roleplayers. We have no app and no plotter, and would instead focus on story/roleplay requests. If you are looking for a place to test out your site idea for the first time, or just wanting a chill place without having to join a lot of sites, this is your one-stop place.


02.14.18. BAM! sacred here; guess what, we're open! really? i know right, pretty neat! we have an announcement/ advertising contest to kick things off with some sick prizes. welcome to your scent! sacred out :thumbsup:

02.11.18. welcome guys! iwys-rp is in its first stages. We are soft opening the site for a few members. We hope that you will have fun with the experience. If you've stumbled on the site, feel free to just join. This soft opening is not exclusive, anyways. Have fun, everyone!

11.21.17 working on the site. encoding skins. lolol.

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site rules, faq, and other must-reads can be found in here. take your time and read through everything.


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all site announcements will be posted in here as well as notifications and changes on the site. We're recommending that you keep an eye out for this board to stay updated


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this is our way to compensate on lack of plotters. Requests, as the name suggested, are list of requested ships, faces, plots, or ideas, that you want to pursue with other players. This is an ooc section wherein you post your ideas and other players reply to if they deem it interesting.


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this is the place where you can juice out all your creative content as much as you want. From short drabbles to heavy aesthetic inspiration, this board is the perfect place to get your muse back up.
There is a lot more going in our day-to-day life than it would seem. The mundanity is not so simple, rather a convoluted string of love, hate, passion, depression, and with each- we create our adventure.

slice of life

Apr 1 2018, 12:12 AM #cherrybomb aquila
any and all fantasy-themed roleplay and all of its subgenre will be played in here. Elves, angels, demons, magic- abnormality is the new normal here.


Apr 3 2018, 10:41 AM Past and Present melon
if there is one thing that is frightening about humans, it has to be their knowledge. Being enlightened is not all one needs. Curiosity is a disease, science is poison, and what does it kill? Their humanity.
Did you ever read something and just wished that you should have been living in there? Or did you ever stumble upon a world that made you wish your character was part of it, too? This is the place to make your dreams come true. If your favorite fandom is not a subboard, feel free to just rp on the board itself.
any of the accepted group plots will have their own subforums in here! Group plot is a downscaled version of a universe for a group of roleplayers to rp on.
the forum's random nonsense. Feel free to talk nearly about everything in here!! Communicate, have fun, and spread positivity, everyone!
Face in the crowd is a graphic resource community that helps the player to find or discover face claims.

face in the crowd

advertise your sites in this board. It's guest-friendly. Our affiliates sections are only open for our members. They can buy a spot if they wish to do so.


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